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Melatonin Sleep Aid 3mg

* Helps with Sleep

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Like Most of its Sister Hormones, Melatonin Enhances Many Body Functions.

Many researchers believe that levels of melatonin in the body are related to the aging process. For example, young children have the highest levels of nighttime melatonin, and these levels are thought to diminish progressively with age. This decline likely contributes to why many older adults suffer from disrupted sleep patterns and tend to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier in the morning than when they were younger.

Melatonin keeps our circadian cycle in tune as it communicates with the body’s cells. Not only does this hormone work to maintain cell health, it appears to regulate a system of self-repair and regeneration. When this hard-working hormone is diminished, our biological functions are impaired.

The Oxford Textbook of Medicine Recommends Melatonin for Symptoms of Jet Lag.

An investigation was done into the efficacy of oral melatonin in alleviating jet lag in flight crews after a series of international flights. The optimal time for taking melatonin was also investigated. When melatonin of 5 mg was given on arrival for 5 days, a trend showing improved recovery in jet lag, mood and sleepiness was shown. There was also a significantly faster recovery of energy and alertness.

Strong Antioxidant Properties

In addition to its hormone actions, melatonin also has strong antioxidant properties, and preliminary evidence suggests that it may help strengthen the immune system.

May Help Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Melatonin is also one of the hormones that controls the timing and release of female reproductive hormones. As a result, melatonin helps determine when menstruation begins, the frequency and duration of menstrual cycles, and when menstruation ends (menopause).

Multiple Benefits

Recent studies found melatonin to be effective in aiding sleep and travel fatigue but have often ignored its role as a powerful antioxidant and its effectiveness as a free radical scavenger that can stave off the effects of aging. Further new research has shown that melatonin stimulates the natural production of human growth hormones.

Melatonin releases from the pineal gland, reaching its peak at night to help maintain tissues in a youthful state of health. Secretion of melatonin declines significantly with age as the pineal gland becomes calcified.

Many people use melatonin to help improve sleep. Some research has found that melatonin increases the speed of falling asleep and adds to the quality of sleep in about 60% of people who use it.

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