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  • We have a very effective scientific HCG formulation!
  • Strongest over the counter formulation! 12x 30x 60x
  • Drops contains B-12, Amino Acids, Ginseng, & Yerba Mate!
  • HCG dieters are reporting weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs per day!
  • No hunger on the HCG diet!  HCG is Safe for women and men!
  • This is the same HCG diet that doctors charge $900 for!
  • No doctor office visit required!  No Prescription Required!
  • No injections required. Simple HCG drops under tongue!
  • HCG is a natural hormone/protein type of substance!
  • HCG is actually GOOD for you!
  • HCG can reset your hypothalamus!
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Program Book PDF
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Recipe Book PDF
  • Most orders are shipped USPS next business day!


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HCG Drops - 2 Week Trial

* (1) 1oz Bottle of HCG Drops
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* Lose upto 15lbs in just 2 Weeks
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HCG Drops - 30 Day Plan

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* Lose upto 30lbs in just 4 Weeks
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HCG Drops - Best Diet Plan

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* Lose upto 45lbs in just 6 Weeks
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