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Truvia Sweetner

* 9.8 oz. Spoonable (128 teaspoons)

* Stevia Based Sweetner 
* ($12 Retail) Save $2
* $9.95 + 6.95S&H



Finally It is Here.

There is a zero-calorie sweetner in town. It is natural and has a scrumptious, clean taste. It will not saddle you with guilt or make your butt look fat, and its HCG Diet approved.

Rooted in goodness.

This little leaf comes from nature and gives back a recipe for sweetness that is delicious.

Sweetness born from a leaf, not in a lab. Meet the stevia plant. The proud parent of our natural sweetener. People have been sweetening foods and beverages with stevia leaves for hundreds of years. The taste comes from a natural ingredient from the leaves called rebiana.

Rebiana is what gives Truvia natural sweetener its clean, honest sweet taste. Simple. Who knew going green could be so good?


The first great-tasting, zero-calorie natural sweetener that is a miracle of nature, not chemistry.

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  • We have a very effective scientific HCG formulation!
  • Strongest over the counter formulation! 12x 30x 60x
  • Drops contains B-12, Amino Acids, Ginseng, & Yerba Mate!
  • HCG dieters are reporting weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs per day!
  • No hunger on the HCG diet!  HCG is Safe for women and men!
  • This is the same HCG diet that doctors charge $900 for!
  • No doctor office visit required!  No Prescription Required!
  • No injections required. Simple HCG drops under tongue!
  • HCG is a natural hormone/protein type of substance!
  • HCG is actually GOOD for you!
  • HCG can reset your hypothalamus!
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Program Book PDF
  • We provide a FREE HCG Diet Recipe Book PDF
  • Most orders are shipped USPS next business day!